Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When a Tool Box is Better Than a Picnic Basket

We are blessed to live very near a beach and much of our summer is spent there. For years, I have struggled with every sort of picnic basket and large plastic bin for our cookout supplies. We cook out at the beach often and need matches, plastics, foil, silverware, all kinds of stuff. When we store it in a large bin, we have to sift through all the stuff trying to find what we need, and it's almost always at the very bottom.  Inspiration struck at Home Depot when I saw the large tool boxes. I begged to buy one ($15) but my husband assured me he had one he wasn't using. Sure you do ...
Actually, he did. Here's the before:

So I filled it with everything we need on a regular basis. It all fit beautifully, especially the top tray for the small things that always get lost. But it was still a little tool-y looking. So I got to work with my trusty vinyl cutter and, voila! We have a cook, organized, easy to transport box with our cookout supplies.

I think this will make a fabulous gift as well, very cool and very personal. Yay!

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