Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY Silk Flower Clips

Bright, lovely flower clips can be found in most women's accessory departments. Usually featuring a pin back, this pop of color brightens up plain-jane sweaters and jackets. I like to have assorted colors and sizes of blooms at the ready so instead of paying the big bucks, I make my own.

I don't use pin backs (although you could), I prefer clips. Here's what you will need:
Silk or fabric flowers (you can buy them singly or in a bunch at craft stores)
Green felt
Clips  There are a variety of clips available in the jewelry finding department of craft stores. They are very inexpensive.
Hot glue gun
Exacto or craft knife, scissors

Pull the bloom from the stem. There is a plastic-y connector. The keep the flower from coming apart, I use the hot tip of the glue gun to melt the plastic down flat.

Cut a rectangle of felt approx. ¾" x 2" (or whatever size will cover the back). Felt comes in a variety of shades of green. You can also use craft foam sheets, suede or fabric.

Squeeze hot glue across the back of the flower in an area slightly smaller than the felt. The TOP of the clip will be AGAINST the petals. Open the clip and lay the felt across then press onto the hot glue (caution ... HOT!) When the glue cools, the clip will stay in place.

To fancy it up even more, cut away the bulk of the plastic middle and hot glue in a button, bead or jewel.


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