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In the spectrum of cooking skills, I am definitely an amateur. Nevertheless, I love to cook and I love to eat. The ideas and recipes presented are handed down through our family, adapted from a recipe I found or something I just made up.

Cooking Under Pressure: Renewing the Lost Art of the Pressure Cooker:
Months ago, a friend suggested (strongly suggested) I try a pressure cooker. I knew two things about pressure cookers:
1. A gasket is involved. (I used to work at a hardware store and kept a supply of replacement gaskets.)
2. Any story about a pressure cooker usually involved one exploding in a grandma's kitchen.

My friend insisted that pressure cooking is so fast and so flavorful that my kitchen would be changed. Fine. I got a pressure cooker. I researched to find out which was good quality and would not explode in my kitchen. These links were helpful:

I chose a stainless steel 6 quart model with one pressure setting, 15 psi. The stores in my area had a poor selection so I ordered it from Amazon along with a cookbook. The cookbook was a bust (not my taste at all) but the pressure cooker really has become an integral part of my kitchen.

When tragedy struck at the Boston Marathon and I heard that the weapon was a pressure cooker bomb, I looked at my innocent pot differently. A bomb, right here in my kitchen. It took about three weeks for me to pull it out again. An amazing pot of soup later, I had to remind myself the pressure cookers don't kill people, terrorists kill people.

Trader Joe's: Many of my recipes utilize foods found at Trader Joe's. I am not a paid endorser of their products but I find them to be of excellent quality 99% of the time and a very good value!

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