Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Women's Nike Summer Lite Golf Shoes

I haven't purchased new golf shoes in more than 10 years, partly because I find the selection of golf shoes for women to be hideous. I don't know who designs for women golfers but, yuck. I really needed a new pair and was thrilled when I found the Nike Summer Lite Golf Shoes. Yes, I was initially attracted to the color. But there is substance behind this style.

I could not find this style in my size in my local stores so I took a chance and ordered online. I chose an EBay shop called Player's Choice Golf. I typically wear a half size larger than normal in Nike so I ordered the 8.5 M. There are several color choices but I chose Sunburst/Mango. Yes, they are bright, but they will go beautifully with colors from lime to turquoise so I considered them a neutral. My shoes arrived in a few days (and Free Shipping!)

My old golf shoes weigh about 18 lbs and are thick, ugly white leather. I was shocked to find these new shoes light as a feather. The uppers are mesh which is super breathable. For the best look, a plain white golf sock is suggested. This is the first pair of shoes that I have with NO tongue! Just lace them up (corset-like?).
I found the size to be true to a typical Nike fit. It took a few minutes for me to get used to the light weight, wondering if there was any support at all. Turns out, the support is good. According to Nike, the heel is made of something called Lunarlon. Not sure what that means but it sounds pretty cool. And FEELS great! There is an "integrated traction system". Again, not sure but I didn't slip or fall down at the tee box.

I am a fair weather golfer but should these shoes become damp, I think they would dry quickly and thoroughly. The only potential drawback would be for cool weather golfers, it's possible your feet could get cold in these lightweight shoes.

The suggested retail price is $100. Discounts, mostly in the 20% range, were widely available.

I am so happy that Nike finally got with the program and introduced some better looking golf shoes for women. If they keep this up, I may not wait another 10 years to get more!

My review: A stylish, lightweight shoe for fair weather golfers.

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